About ICEL

Industrial Control Engineering Limited was established in 1990 (originally as Quin Pacific Ltd) by a group of professional electrical and mechanical automation engineers. It has grown into a leading supplier of intelligent control systems specialising in the design and development of software based control systems.

We use the diverse training and experience of our staff to build a specialist engineering service using computers, PLCs, and microcontrollers in real time control, distributed control and data acquisition tasks. With a background in both factory automation and mass produced electronics, we can bring a variety of technologies to bear on any automation task.

Industrial Control Engineering Ltd collaborates with partners who produce a wide variety of end products. Through our collaboration, we are able to offer you the advantage that other engineering disciplines can bring, such as pneumatics, hydraulics and materials handling. We readily seek out partners to augment our skills and produce impressive results.

Contact us to see how Industrial Control Engineering can help you automate your plant or equipment.

Automation Engineers

Intelligent control systems

Plant automation

Design of automated equipment

Real time control

Distributed control

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