Industrial Control Engineering Ltd collaborates with partners to design a wide variety of automated equipment. Here at ICEL we appreciate that automation is only one part of the mix of skills needed to produce modern, innovative automated products. We readily seek out partners to augment our automation engineering skills and produce impressive results.

Industrial Control Engineering Ltd is happy to be working with the following partners to produce innovative automated equipment:

Spitfire Irrigators Ltd

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Intelligent irrigators for agriculture. ICEL's embedded microprocessor control enhances this novel product.

Thermoplastic Engineering Ltd

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Fume extraction cupboards for scientific use. ICEL's PLC based variable speed control provides significant efficiency gains for these fume cupboards.

Epec Oy

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Supplier of rugged programmable controllers used in mobile machines.

Siemens Automation

Supplier of proven modular PLC and HMI systems designed for industrial applications.


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ICEL designed the energy control and management systems of Designline hybrid electric passenger service buses.

CDD - Concept.Design.Develop

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Custom-built machines for production-line use. ICEL adds the intelligent control to these machines.

Circuit Designs

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When ICEL designs custom electronic circuits, Circuit Designs creates the printed circuit layouts.

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