Our Services

Industrial Control Engineering Ltd prides itself on its ability to work with clients and other suppliers to devise the most appropriate automation solutions for the application and the most appropriate ways of implementing them. We provide a range of services supported through our development process refined through applying our skills to many projects over the years.

At Industrial Control Engineering we stress the importance of being able to understand your objectives and your equipment as part of our service. We can offer:

  • Assessment of your process automation:
    • Options for functionality improvement (improved quality, increased throughput, avoiding operator errors, reduced labour,...)
    • Risk items likely to cause costly downtime and solutions to avoid this.
    • Effects of plant or electrical failures
      • Warnings and operator callout
      • Resilient control strategies
      • Ease of fault finding
    • Control system serviceability

  • Assessment of suitable options for automating new products.
    • Automation features to increase product value.
    • Usability and ergonomic features to make your product more appealing.
    • Testability features to help you produce a reliable product quickly.
    • Automation hardware options appropriate to your product's volume and design maturity level.

  • Design of automation solutions
    • Human-Machine Interface (HMI) design / configuration
      • Computer based
      • Dedicated control panels
      • Touch panel displays
    • Programming automated functions
      • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
      • Embedded microprocessors / custom electronics
      • Computer based control
    • Equipment interfacing
      • Selection of sensors and actuators
      • Telephone & cellphone alarm call-out
      • Custom electronic design
      • Radio links
    • Data handling
      • Database design and enhancement
      • Recipe and schedule lookup
      • Logging

  • Implementation of your chosen automation solution
    • Integration and commissioning scheduled to suit your production

Plant assessment

Product automation assessment

Automation solution Design

 + Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

 + Sensor & actuator interfacing

 + PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) configuration

 + Embedded processors, custom electronics

 + Live database data

Automation Implementation

Commissioning & Testing

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